Friday, December 24, 2010

Last of the 2010 Birthday Bash

I really must put this 2010 birthday bash behind me.  When I suggested earlier it would be over the top, I had no idea what people had in store for me. 

Last night was the culmination continuation of the celebration.  Whew! Now there was a mouthful!

My dear son and his "sniffy" (in plain speak, that's significant other) gave me a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis....Murrays. Murray's has been a long standing tradition since 1932-great food, great service and elegant decor.

Once again, last night, it lived up to my expectations.  Great meal!

Then, AJ, my loverly sis, bought us tickets to Billy Elliott, or I should say Billy Elliott! This Broadway troupe did a smashing performance of one of my favs. The dancing, the humor, the production, oh my! I tried my best to live for the moment. It was magic.

Then, out of theater, what to  my wondering eyes should appear, but a picturesque snow globe of soft falling snow to sparkle against the Christmas lights of downtown Minneapolis.

Pure Bliss, Baby!

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