Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hotel Julia

Hotel Julia; what a quaint, romantic little boutique hotel in Rome.  It is only a block from the Trevi Fountain, so the location is ideal as well.

It has a cozy little bar for coffees and Campari, the best of Italy.

However, this little piece of heaven has no heat from midnight until 7 am.  Yes, that's right, they turn it off. In the Arctic blast hitting Italy now, with driving rain,slamming sleet and snow showers, the single pane windows do not have a chance in keeping the elements out. It is F-F-F-F-reezing!!!!

I will spare you from a photo of the indignation I suffered when bundling up in the middle of the night whilst donning my jeans, sweater, socks and mittens over my pj's, just to keep the frost off my apendages. I turned on the wall hair dryer just to defrost the place.

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