Sunday, December 19, 2010

Colosseum and The Ancient City

Freddie and I did it up big yesterday. Despite the cold weather, it was sunny and delightful.  We started out at Piazza Navona, where it was Market Day before Christmas.  Everybody was in a spirited mood, with hot wine everywhere for one euro ($1.40/cup).

 There were carolers, bands, jugglers, mimes, artists, and oh, yes, the most exquisite scuptures by Bernini. You might recognize "4 Rivers" as seen in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

Santa was there in his sleigh for all of the good little boys and girls of Italy!

Then on to the Colosseum. WOW! It is so impressive and such an awesome sight. One can just imagine the games played there. However, I am sure I would be just a commoner and they weren't treated very well. In fact, the mindset of the people back then had very little regard for human life, sacrificing a life for about anything. Between the gladiator games, the beheading and the burning at the stake, it was a treacherous time!

We moved on to the Ancient City, where Marc Antony gave his famous speech, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen....". It was difficult to comprehend the times back then. We even saw where Julius Caesar was cremated. People leave flowers to this day! Good ole' Foxtrot Freddie proves to be an amazing tour guide!  Plus he's easy to find being the only one in Rome with a baseball cap! (Do you think we're Americans??)

Last evening was a scrumptious dinner of melon and prosciutto and delightful lasagna, topped off by "gelato limone" (lemon ice cream). Oh, and some wonderful chianti.  I want to bring all of my friends here!!!

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