Saturday, December 4, 2010

College Football Comes to a Close

It's a tough day in our house.  College football Saturday is coming to an end.

 It's all over except the bowl games. Wonder how these teams will fare in the end.

I had a fun day before I came home to watch football. I helped with the "Shop with a Cop" Fundraiser.  It was a "Tip an Elf" luncheon, where all the e"elves" were uniformed policemen. They served, bussed and in general, had a great time. All they asked for in return, was a tip to add to the coffers of this charity.Even Santa got in on the action.  The kids were mesmerized.  So was I...ya gotta love Santa! On December 18th the Scottsdale Police will select 250 underprivileged kids to have breakfast with, give some pretty nice sizes Target gift cards to, shop with them and have table set up to wrap the gifts. It's such a fun day. Glad I was able to help raise some funds for them.

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