Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can It Be?

Today is December 22nd. No way! Really?  Only 2 more days until Christmas? Wait!  I haven't seen Holiday Inn or It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas.  I haven't heard John Denver and the Muppets sing Christmas Carols (laugh if you will, but until you hear Miss Piggy talk about Piggy Pudding, you haven't lived).

Now is the time to enjoy everything we've prepared for.  It's time to reflect on the beauty of being with family.  It's time to laugh and hug and share the joy of the season. And I cannot wait!

Yes, once again, as John Denver sings, "I'm leaving on a jet plane" off to the frozen tundra to be with the most important people in my life, my beloved family!  It IS truly a wonderful life!

Safe travels everyone~  XOXO

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