Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Gift

One of the favorite gifts I received when my son was born was that of a large, gingham baby blanket. It was blue gingham and actually more like a lofty hand-tied quilt. I loved this blanket, he loved this blanket. It was large enough to be used as a crib blanket and was great to spread on the floor and let my babies move around on it. Besides that, since both of my sons were born in the dark months of winter in the frozen tundra, it served as a great car blanket, or sled blanket or whatever else I needed to keep their little bodies warm in that frigid temperature.

This is a great Christmas gift for those of you with "littles" this time of year. Or, perhaps you have a baby shower to go to, or a just born newbie! So here you go....

Buy 2-45" lengths of soft fabric. This time I used two contrasting flannels. In the summer months I use two ginghams, that is the checked fabric. I use gingham in the same color, just a different sized check.

 Buy 2 packages of Jumbo RicRac. I frequently use white, but any color that goes with your fabric is good.

Buy a package of quilt batting. I generally get a queen sized batting as I know I will use it all at some point. I find that the most economical.

Hold up the fabric together to be sure it is cut accurately.

Sew the ricrac on the right side of one of the lengths, going all the way around the four sides.

When completed, iron it as you want the fabric to be flat. Place the second square of fabric with right sides together and pin. Sew along the same seam line as the first square, leaving about 20 inches open so you can place the batting.

Open the quilt now so you can see the right sides. Press the edges making sure the ricrac is visible.

Gently place and pin the batting, making sure all corners and edges are stuffed. Secure with pins. Tie with an upholstery needle and yarn, about every 9-12 inches. Voila! The whole process takes less than 3 hours.

I also buy coordinating ribbon and sew it on a tri-fold diaper to make matching burp cloths.

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