Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful, Wonderful.....

Isn't life amazing?  Just when you think it may be just another day, you have someone enter your life and it brings a new and renewed vigor and joy to it.

Today is one of those days.  I knew it might happen.  I got an inkling of it this morning when I arose at the bright hour of 5 and saw this full moon on one horizon...

And the beginning of a gorgeous day that had the promise a clear blue skies and warm, bright sun on the other horizon.

Then this young lady came through my door.  She is a daughter of a friend, a recent college graduate, that is trying to make a name for herself by starting her own business.

My guess is she will be a huge success. She worked in her parent's chocolate business while she was growing up. She is bright, motivated, knowledgeable, personable and energetic.   What else is there in success?

She brought to my door, a  selection of these little beauties. WOW! At my fingertips there lies a number of ginormous caramel apples, dipped in chocolate, white, milk and dark, mixed with peanuts or pecans and other delectable coverings. Dear Lord in heaven, why did she have to bring an assortment?  Doesn't she know this will make me want to try one of each??? She knows her stuff, where to find the best chocolate in the world, the science of making them the right way, yummmmmmm.....

To order one of these..or 10...or 100, contact her at  She is just getting her website set up, so this is the best way to order for now.  She has an assortment of combinations and will work with you to please your palate. At $5 each, what a Christmas bargain!

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