Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding: "T" Minus 8 Months

Wedding Customs...Now there's a whole load for you. If one was to celebrate wedding all the wedding customs out there, the wedding would be weeks long. However, picking and choosing a few make the day a bit more special.

For example, a white wedding gown: A Bride can wear any color, but white is the symbol of purity.
An aisle runner: This goes back to when brides were married in the country and the way to the church was all muddy. Now, the aisle runner is getting less popular-wonder why!
Wedding band worn on the 4th finger of the left hand; The ancient Romans thought there was a vein leading directly from the 4th finger to the heart. The ring is widely worn on the left hand, but more often in Europe, it is worn on the right hand, 4th finger.

The timeless ditty from England...
The bride needs:
Something old (signifies continuity with ancestors)
Something new (optimism for a bright future)
Something borrowed (borrowing happiness from others)
Something blue (signifies pure love and fidelity)
And a lucky sixpence for her shoe (Lucky token to bring prosperity to the marriage)

The sixpence was last minted in 1967.  When I was in London a few years ago, when I found some in a shop, I bought a couple, just in the event I might want to give one to a bride.  :)

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