Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poker, Schmoker, It's A Deck of Cards To Me

I don't know the first thing about poker, except if I wanted to lose my retirement in the fastest way possible, I'd head for the nearest poker table. However, I know a lucky few can make a fortune playing poker.

Like this guy...he's found something he loves to do and gets paid for it! Jason Senti of St. Louis Park, MN. I met him and his new bride over a year ago. They are a great couple, full of life and fun and willing to take calulated risks. Like...graduating from college with an engineering degree from the University of North Dakota, landing a great job in his field, then giving it all up to play poker!

If I were his Mother, I'd be sucking wind if my newly married son told me that! O-o-o-o-i-e-e-e-e! However, this guy had it all figured out, took the calculated risk and ended up in Las Vegas this week, at the final table of 9 at the World Series of Poker! That, my friends, is no small feat!  The group started at over 7,300 potential winners.  Now it's down to 9!

I'm going to be holding on to my cell phone today, waiting for updates.  Send positive "chi" Jason's way today and as the tournament continues. It's a big day for the Senti family.

Congratulations Jason for scoring #7 of 7300 in the WSOP Event!  Tremendous Job!!!

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