Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning

It's Monday morning and I am taking it slow this morning. That was until I saw this clip on Youtube. It reminded me that kids DO say the darndest things!
Kids Say The Darndest Things Art Linkletter 1959

Little preschoolers are the funniest people ever. They are just learning about life and love to share their new found knowledge.

When our older son was first trying to understand the whole religion thing, going to church, trying to figure out who God was, etc., he called our church which was named, Our Redeemers, "Army Deemers". When the pastor and his wife came over to visit, our son knew who the pastor was. When he was asked if he knew who his wife was, my son said, "Mrs. God."

Son #2 was mischievous. When his Dad left for work, he did a full body lock on my hubby's pantleg.  That was until his Dad explained he had to go to work to pay for gum. Then he said, "Bye Dad." and went off to play.

Then there was my nephew and godson who, when his Mom drove by a housefire while taking him home from preschool, exclaimed, "Smells like dinner!"

Have a Happy Monday!

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