Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Countdown

I saw my first Christmas outdoor decorations lit on October 9th. Do you think this is rushing the Santa thing? Now, however,  it's after Halloween and let the games begin.  It's like someone in retail shot off the starting gun.


I have been in a few stores the last couple of days. The grocery store has it's Thanksgiving foods in the center aisle. The stores are fast and furiously removing the Halloween cobwebs and the ghosts of Halloween past, making way for the red and green of the Christmas merchandise.

I must admit, I am starting to be more serious about planning my calendar, making the most of the next two months. It's always a balancing act; squeezing in everything during the busiest two months of the year, yet allowing enough time to reflect on the true meaning of the season and being able to just "be in the moment" with family and friends.

To start it off, let's begin with a smile....

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