Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Luck!

Do you remember sitting at the Thanksgiving table and trying your turn at breaking the wishbone to see who would be the recipient of good luck for the next year? But wait, there's only one wishbone!  (And only one chance to win the coveted trinket of good luck.) ARGH!

Leave it to some dude who was either bored at Thanksgiving or continuously lost the coveted trophy of the better half of the wishbone. Now you too, can have a plethora of wishbones to try out.

Years ago, actually for our 25th wedding anniversary, my sweet sister-in-law gave us a painted silver wishbone.  I loved it!  Lord knows, all marriages from time-to-time need more than a little luck to survive. I still have the wishbone.  Do you suppose all of these years, that has been the "tie that binds"?  In any case, I'm not giving up that wishbone.  Infact, I might order the party pack of these little wonders, get out my Martha Stewart gilded spray paint and pass on the favor.

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