Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bree Watson and Decho Kraev

Look at these two. They are 32 and 28, respectively. Foxtrot Freddie and I have known them since they were 24 and 20. They have worked hard to achieve their goal. Just two weeks ago they hit the top!  They are now the World Champions in Ballroom Dancing. A title precious few have been able to claim.

If you think it's easy, it's not.  For as long as I have known them, they spend countless hours at the dance studio, with trainers at the gym, traveling around the country taking lessons from world renowned coaches. They are fun-loving, kind people to boot!

We have been lucky enough to know them through their early years, their wedding, their first home, and now their success. We are so proud of them. They certainly deserve the accolades.

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