Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is here. Are you in the mood yet?  I know some people don't start until after Thanksgiving.  I generally keep one eye open for gift items all year long. However, it's about now that I go into the full force shopping mode.

I have always been the early bird. I generally like to get all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving, wrap it and take it to the post office the day before Thanksgiving to mail it.  A hot tip here...nobody is at the post office the day before Thanksgiving. The grocery store is jammed, the post office is empty!

What is your hot gift this year? A lot of people are going small because of the economy.  I must admit, my shopping has been curtailed this year.  I'm not buying as much and I'm not buying the pricey gifts I have in past years. I guess I realize it just isn't necessary. While I think it is nice to be remembered, who needs another doodad to put on a coffee table? Searching for the perfect gift is taking a lot more thought these days. Alas, remember the "good old" days when a board game was the 'hit" gift?

Enough day dreaming... On to 2010. If you haven't signed up for some stores email alerts, you may be wise to do so. Check out this It will notify you of any sales coming up. I am surprised to see the stores holding big sales all ready. While I am trying to buy local, it is hard to resist Amazon sometimes. They are reliable and have great prices.

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