Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Christmas Elf

Long before I found out there was an "Elf On The Shelf" that visits homes and goes back to the North Pole to tell Santa whether or not little boys and girls were worthy of Santa's visit, I knew elves helped Santa make all of those toys Santa magically brought in his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

I didn't realize these elves were a pesky lot.  I became aware of it when Will Farrell portrayed Buddy, in a move he immortalized a few years back, suitably called "The Elf."

Now I see what elves do when they have a little time on their hands. It brings back memories of when my boys were small. Yup, they were a little "elfish", especially this time of year when they were antsy to get outdoors and play in the snow, rather sit in school all day.

Here Kilwin, the elf, Santa  and their friends are roasting marshmallows over the votive candle. 
Kilwin often leaves messages for family members in places one wouldn't think you could write on...and you probably shouldn't!

Kilwin  makes fun out of the most mundane things. A toilet paper roller coaster around the house occupies most of his day.

Kilwin had a busy night with the sugar to be used for cookie baking the next day.

Some elves never grow up. They're a little bigger but still "elfish!"

I think every home needs an elf, don't you? Schuyler, our elf may make an appearance this year.
Oh, you better watch out!

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