Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Zowie!  Here we are, Black Friday! Did I have a ton to buy this year?  No. But I had to go. It's tradition.
I had planned on sleeping in awhile. I was not looking for the LCD TV or the cheap laptop, both of which were the hot ticket items this year, I hear.

But my internal alarm clock went off at 2:45, so I was out the door and standing in line by 3:15am. Crazy, huh?  What is crazy is the bonding one does with fellow shoppers at that hour. Everyone cracks jokes. Someone bought a container of coffee at Starbucks and was passing it down the line. 

Jamba Juice people were dressed like bananas and passing out samples.  Yes, that would be at 3:30 am.

What I was astounded by was how few people were out shopping.  Evidently they didn't need an LCD TV or a laptop either.  I had front row parking everywhere I went. Look at this spot-first row and a no dinger!  First time in 11 years I scored that one.

The gifts are bought...and wrapped and shipped. Guess what I'm going to do now that I have time on my hands?!?!

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