Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wedding: "T" Minus 9 Months

Travelling Teddy and Cayenne Cutie are continuing their journey through the maze of wedding planning. The wedding details are coming together. The fun part for me is I have been asked to join in to select the wedding gown.

When I was working my way through college, I worked at a Bridal Salon. What fun!  All the anxious brides would come in, with their entourage in tow, family; friends, sometimes even children. I loved it when they walked out of the store beaming with the joy of finding that special gown.

Now it was my turn to experience that jubilant feeling with someone I hold so dear and watch her eyes sparkle when she sees that dress and proclaims, "This is the one."

There are so many choices out there now. It used to be satin and Chantilly lace. Now it's pearls and beads and sparkles...oh my! Add to that feathers and lace and ruffles and a myriad of the finest fabrics.
I decided I should do a little research into this so I know what options are out there.  The web is awesome when looking for answers. I clicked on my first website and saw a lengthy article on "What to Consider When Purchasing Your Wedding Gown." It was 16 pages long. I perused the detailed article and decided all of that really doesn't matter.
What matters is when Cayenne Cutie steps into that one special gown, her eyes will sparkle and she'll say, "This is the one!"

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