Friday, October 22, 2010

Visitors To Phoenix

One the temperatures go below 100 degrees, people flock to the Valley of the Sun.  We get some action too.
My Sis, AJ and her buddy are here for a visit.  Check back, I'll keep you posted on our comings and goings....  First off, a day of beautification, a facial if you please....

Meanwhile, picking up yet another unsuspecting guest, Miss S, at the airport. She doesn't know what awaits her today.  :)

Great friends. A Phoenix friend of "the girls" invited us over for a yummy lunch and gobs of gab.

There killer whales koi were huge and serene swimming around in there home waters.

Now the girls weren't so sure of this escapade.  They are good sports though.

Here's one city slicker having a heart-to-heart bonding experience with Handsome, her horse, before she jumps on for the ride of her life.

Jared, the ranch hand, was loving life catering to this stand up comedian, er, ah, maybe stand up isn't the right word.

A picturesque sunset in the majestic mountains, living proof we all made it.

Ah yes, the girls made it, it's Miller Time! At the live bull riding I might add.

Foxtrot Freddie tipped his hat at all the beautiful women he had to chaperone.

When the full moon rose and the clock ticked into the wee hours, she emerged, posed and said, "And I wonder why I don't get many dates." And with that, she bid us adieu.

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