Friday, October 1, 2010

Memorial Park

As I continue showing our house guests around our fine city, I am finding myself going to places I have "wanted to go to" but never had the time-or whatever the excuse d'jour may be.

I took our house guests to the state capitol and the Memorial Park in front of the capitol.
The capitol is beautiful, with the copper domed roof, which makes sense since most copper in the USA is mined in Arizona.

The Memorial Park makes one pause.

Here is a reminder...

The mast from the USS Arizona, sunk at Pearl Harbor.

The anchor from the USS Arizona.

The Viet Nam Memorial.

The Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial.
Along with this was a steel and concrete memorial of all of the Arizonans that were killed in the 9-11 attacks. The steel was from the steel beams from the World Trade Center.  The concrete was made out of the dust and rubble from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Since our house guest, Greg was a member of the USMC, this was very meaningful.
It was sobering.

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