Saturday, October 30, 2010


What a glorious day in Houston! 

I spent the morning walking this incredibly peaceful beach on the gulf in Galveston with my eldest visiting and inhaling the salty fresh ocean air. This birthday boy was born nearly 33 years ago. It was a gift for me to have this opportunity.

Then we took off on a leisurely afternoon boat cruise under perfectly blue skies.

The shrimp boats were out in full force. We may not have known which boats were filled with gulf shrimp, but there was no fooling the circling seagulls anxious for their mid-afternoon meal.

I couldn't help but smirk at the name of this shrimp boat and it's captain.

The Buckster enjoyed his crewman status on the jostling boat. He was lulled to sleep before we tossed the dock ropes.
There were still a few telltale signs of Hurricane Ike. However, most of the Houston/Galveston area is rebuilt and filled with resorts welcoming visitors. Thankfully, the gulf oil spill missed Galveston as well.

A birthday dinner for the birthday boy...with Houston style fried dill pickles...and  a Texas sized beer mug!

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