Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

Good Morning!  It's Friendsday Wednesday!  Time to rock n' roll and get out the phone, email list or (cough,cough) a piece of paper and an envelope.  Contact that person you've been wanting to for so long, but never get around to.

Today I'm writing Freddie's brother and wife-love these two but they live in far away lands...New York.  See, I can be a slacker too sometimes. Darn!  I keep trying though.  Anyway, love these two and hope to be in contact with them more often.

On a different note, with all of the rain, hail and damage yesterday, I am feeling a bit out of sorts. The whole repair thing has so many facets. I know it seems like it should be easy, but we've been thinking of changing the roof line.  Is now the time or should we do a simple repair?  Oh, decisions, decisions.
I know, a Starbucks Pumpkin Latte should clear my head! 

See ya later~

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