Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flash Mob

Flash's all the rage now on the internet.  No, it's not some political riot. It is a dance that appears to just happen on the spur of the moment in a public place. In fact, it takes weeks of obtaining permits, practice, and coordination to make this happen.

Here is how it "comes down". Flash Mobs take place in a public location where a lot of people mingle, for example a train station or a shopping mall.  First you need a good PA system, a song begins and one couple starts dancing, then a few others join in. Then it appears as if, people just passing by join in and soon hundreds of people are dancing the same routine. The whole things is over within 3 minutes, the duration of one song. People then disburse anonymously among the crowd.

It is happening on Saturday, October 23, 2010 in Phoenix in two locations.  I will reveal the time and locations at a later date.  Will Foxtrot Freddie and I be part of it?  You'll have to wait and see....

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