Sunday, October 24, 2010

Babes In Toyland

"Babes In Toyland" she exclaimed as they jumped into the vintage car and took off.  Wahoo! These babes are on the run. 

Places to go,
People to see,
Things to do.

That's what vacations are all about. You can rest when you get home.  Of course we have to have times to sit and rev our engines again, with coffee or a margarita, enjoy the radiant sunset and chat.  But for now we're on a mission.

Off to the Gem and Jewelry Show.  What about this $1000 trillion peridot necklace?

Or perhaps a new "engagement" ring?

A quick change of clothes and  off to the flash mob at Tempe Marketplace. (Video to follow)

Then to Margaritaville-not the actual Margaritaville, but every restaurant/bar in Arizona boasts the best margarita in town...and some good Mexican food.

Finish the day's events with one of the top ten ice cream places in the USA with some to-die-for ice creamy dessert.
Nightie night, another fun-filled day.

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