Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Fall is my favorite time of year. I enjoy the briskness of the cooler autumn air.  I can't wait to hear the crackle of leaves under my feet.  I relish in the thought of the wind gods showering me in leaf  showers. YEA!

I get none of that in Scottsdale. BOO!

I miss:
*  The smell of burning leaves.
*  Roadside farm stands with apples and Indian Corn.
*  Cool nights where I can start a cozy fire in the fireplace.
*  Decorating the house with leaves and dried grasses I get from my yard.
*  Warm apple pie fresh from the oven.
*  Being able to put on a fleece vest to take my walk.
*  Feeling the chilly morning air on my cheeks.
*  Going to a college football game with the wind whipping through the campus.
*  Hot mulled apple cider with a cinnamon swizzle stick.
*  The autumn sunshine taking on the hues of the red, orange and yellow leaves.
*  Pumpkins, gourds and haybales everywhere.
*  A pot roast with carmelized potatoes and carrots cooking all afternoon.
*  Geese flying south in their famous "V" pattern.
*  Colorful birds coming to my bird feeder once again.

Can you tell I'm talking myself into a midwest trip?


JeanneDolanMarkell said...

I'll trade you a wkend of raking leaves and a fleeced walk in my woods (even through in apple crisp ala mode) for a wkend at your pool with margaritas and salsa in February....deal???

Jene said...