Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn in the Midwest

I have been wishing for this visit since August and the temps in Arizona dropped below 100 degrees. I know you think that is not autumn, but the desert has it's own subtle seasonal changes.

Now I have my chance to visit the Midwest and experience the magical fall colors. However, let me tell you I am in the midst of the "Chiclone", except it's the "Minnclone".  For those of you not watching the news, that's the area (Minnesota) and cyclone=huge winds, rain, cold and otherwise lousy weather. Ah well, try as it may, it can't slow me down.

Here was a great display of autumn color, isn't it the best?  Ya' gotta love those shimmering leaves, even on a gray day.
However, here's the reminder of what is to come...  B-R-R-R-R!

 I can't help but live in the beauty of today.

Look at this artful creation-just waiting for Sunday night! The neighborhood ghosts and goblins will be delighted.

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