Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wedding: "T" Minus 10 Months

I remember when I was engaged, for all of 5 months, the time went by so slowly.  The days dragged on until the last month, then it was a blur up to and including the big day.

Now that Travelling Teddy and Cayenne Cutie are engaged, and have been since March, time seems to be clicking right along.It's kind of crazy. It started out as 16 months and here we are at 10 months to go. Planning is so much fun. I am fortunate to be included. This month was my big month, time to plan for the rehearsal dinner. These days, one doesn't just include the wedding party,  many of the significant out-of-town guests are also included.
My criteria was:
1. In budget
2. Totally different from reception.
3. Casual
4. A mixer; not just arrive, sit, eat... leave.
I'm hoping I found the place. It's new, infact, it hasn't even opened yet. It's called Pinstripes. Take a look for yourself.

Indoor and outdoor areas.


Bocce Ball

And it overlooks a pretty lake where the cocktails will be served.

Paddleboats and kayaks are available...
and a few remote control boats with the winner getting a gift certificate for a free cocktail at the hotel.

I hope it will be a fun evening to get to know people, make new friends and be the kick off to a fabulous wedding day for TT and CC.

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