Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding Chapel at Hilton Waikoloa

A week ago today was Freddie and my 40th wedding anniversary.  We decided to go to the non-denominational Sunday service at the wedding chapel at the hotel. After all, it took a little Divine Intervention to keep this marriage going for 40 years.  We thought a little booster shot might be in order! 
The speakers were a couple from a Kona church.  It was lovely and well done, 1/2 hour long.
First the Pastor played the ukulele and his wife did a hula dance welcoming God to the service. It was so Polynesian and impressive. I could almost picture their ancestors singing and dancing to that same hymn.
Then the Pastor's wife spoke about growing up in a family with 8 children. She compared them (and all people) to all the fish in the sea, how many different personalities there were in her family and how many different colors and kinds of fish there were in the sea.  It was quite timely as when I was in Hawaii, I saw so many different people of different cultures, all having fun with their families. That alone was a great experience.

We passed the little wedding chapel frequently.  The doors were always open, the breeze ocean blowing through and nice, comfortable seats welcoming you to sit down and gaze at God's creation of one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

One time we passed and there was a wedding.  It was so much fun to see the elders inside waiting for the wedding to begin.  The young couple were outside with their friends giggling and telling stories. Then the photographer came and we continued our walk.  Their lives together were just beginning.  It was a refreshing sight to see.

How many more years we  will be married? 
With a little more Divine Intervention and good health, I hope many.

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