Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's getting to be about the time we change our summer wardrobe to our winter wardrobe.  Yes, in all parts of the country, even here in Arizona, we like to have some clothes to cuddle up in on those chilly days/nights.

The question is: what shape are they in?  Did you pack them up with buttons missing, hems down or waistband fasteners half on? If you did, you're not the only one.  Many of us have let our "mending" days go by the wayside.  Infact, if you ask many young women today, they will look at you quizzically and say,
"Mending? Are you kidding?"

The products out there are just as sophisticated as in the electronics world.  You really don't even need a sewing machine to mend anymore.

I made up an emergency mending kit for both of my sons and significant others.

They contain:
-thread; black, white and tan
-sewing needles
-small snipper scissor
-an assortment of buttons and fasteners
-"Stitch Witchery" the fusible hem material
-Liquid Stitch; that's right, you spread it on like Elmer's Glue, let it set and your sewing's done.
-straight pins
-seam ripper
-tape measure

While I was collecting these supplies, I noticed quite the jump in prices from when I last purchased these items.



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