Sunday, September 12, 2010

La Familia

I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. They are goofy, kind, loving, fun and always there when I need or want them. What a cast of characters.

Mi Mama. The matriarch. She is a feisty 84 year old, full of life and love.  She's never at a loss for advice and ideas. She's to this day, a good cook and has skills we all would like to possess, one is her keen mind, even at her age, it's like sharper than most 30 year olds.

My big brotha. He was a my protector as a kid and all 'round goofy gus. Do you remember Red Skeleton?  He did the all-time best impression of Freddie the Freeloader. He covers my back when the need arises--even still.

My big sis.  She will kill me for posting this photo.  But who else would let her nephew do anything he wants to?  Like pulling her hair when she is  sunbathing with her top untied? She is everything to everybody, but especially to me, she's my right arm.

Freddie.  Everyone who is married knows there are times you can't get enough of your "sniffy" (significant other) and times when you need to walk out of the room when they walk in. Through thick or thin, I love him forever and all eternity.He is part of me, he is my heart.

Wesley Standpipe. My first born. When he arrived on the scene, he changed my life forever and a day. The joy, the laughter and the experiences he brought to me are indescribable. XOXO

Wesley and Hayley....time will tell.....

Traveling Teddy. You know that old saying "If I would have had him first....?" He was a challenge. Now he is a fantastic man with love and a passion for life in his heart.

New to the crew is Cayenne Cutie. The name will be hers forever. As they start their own story, we look forward to making new memories, sharing laughs and having lots more good "la familia" times.

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