Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hawaiian Luau

What would a vacation in the beautiful islands of Hawaii be with out a traditional Hawaiian Luau, the feast of the ancestors? The pit roasted pig, the poi, the hula dancers and fire dancers, it's quite the sight.

Last night we had the opportunity of seeing such a sight.  The whole thing was riveting, from our waitress who served these wonderfully delicious concoctions of tastes....

To the emcee who introduced the newlywed couple from Baltimore to us, who had been married 40 years.  The emcee shoved the microphone in Foxtrot Freddie's face and asked what the secret to a long and happy marriage was.  Freddie responded, "Two words, Yes Dear." Was that a plant I didn't know about?  The crowd roared with knowing approval.

The hula dancers were in top form, literally and figuratively.  Holy moly could they shake their bootie! I need lessons in graceful hand and arm movement-no jerky, pointy gestures here, only soft, subtle lyrical movements of their hands and arms.

But not to be undone, I was lucky enough to be asked on stage to give a hula lesson in my own right.  I would have been embarrassed but I was too busy watching the hunk who took my hand and led me to to stage go through his gyrations. I think I found my calling.

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