Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

Today is a special Friendsday Wednesday because I have one of my long time dear friends as a houseguest with me for the week.  That has never happened, atleast since we've been married. (And as you recall, that's awhile back!) We've known each other since kindergarten. Her Mom was my piano teacher and Brownie leader. We used to swim every summer afternoon and ride our bikes to the concerts in the park. We'd ice skate to the background music of the Everly Brothers in the winter and go on family trips together. This photo was taken at her house circa 1966-67. We went to her school winter snowflake dance. Notice the Madonna-esque bodice on this dress I was wearing. Not to be outdone by her Leslie Gore impersonation!

We have had fun laughing, teasing, drinking wine, enjoying the Arizona blue skies and in general, sitting around catching up.

I showed her my newest learned skill, making these cutesy hats.  Of course, she wanted some for baby gifts. Bless her heart, my friend is talented in many, many ways, but crafty....not so much. So, while she poured the coffee yesterday and we talked till our jaws were sore, I knitted away.  Here's the outcome...

Couple the hat with the baby afghan my Mother so skillfully crochets and voila! A newborn gift.

She also has a co-worker expecting a baby girl...

This one is for the gift stash. The drawer in your home hold presents incase you need one in a hurry.

Today we're at the pool--the entire day!

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