Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

Is it me, or do these weeks click by faster than ever? 
It's (drum roll, please) FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY! (cymbal crash)!
Today I am reaching out to Aunt Lucy, my Dad's sister. She is about my Mom's age, that would be mid 80's and she has always been so kind. She has a daughter my age, my cousin. Vicki, my cousin, and I got into loads of mischief when we were young, hiding when it was time for the family gatherings to end, delaying them so we could play longer. Another incident involved Reddi Whip; you know that spray whipped cream in a can? Add two little 10 years olds and I don't think I have to explain the rest!  :)

Aunt Lucy was a good sport through all of these antics and to this day has a special place in my heart. So, Happy Friendsday Wednesday, Aunt your mail!

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