Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

I love Friendsday Wednesdays.  It reminds me to call/write/contact a friend I have too long not spoken to. This week will be fun as we have some long time friends coming to our lovely town for a long-overdue visit.

I had to run to the bookstore and pick up a couple of travel magazines.  I know you're guilty of this too, so fess up...  Ever have a friend/relative come to your town and say, "We went to see _________(fill in the blank) and it was awesome! Sure wish our town had that."  And you are totally clueless that it was in your town to begin with.  Not only have you never been there, but you didn't even know it was there. Or give yourself the benefit of a doubt, you knew it was there, but seeing it was far down in priority of your bucket list. Now you find out the place is "awesome" and you've been missing out all of this time.  I hate it when that happens.

So, I bought these magazines and here we go.  Off to adventures in Arizona!  Make it a point to see something in your fine city on this Friendsday Wednesday-you might make a new friend!

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