Friday, September 10, 2010

Dolphin Quest in Hawaii

Oh my goodness, a blast from the past.  Did you ever watch Flipper on TV? Think the life saving collie Lassie in the water.

I was transported back to those days when I had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii. What a great time. I was so excited. You know how they always say, "Don't set your expectations too high or you may be disappointed?" My expectations were high.  My experience exceeded my expectations!

The time went by so quickly.  The trainers were excellent and they treated the dolphins so well. We were able feed the dolphins, touch them, play with them and the most exciting thing for me was just to feel their slick skin. Just imagine going to work everyday and having this adorable face grin back at you?  How could you possibly have a bad day?

I came back and told Foxtrot Freddie I was leaving him after 40 years to become a dolphin trainer. After I thought better of that idea, I realized I would just have to enjoy the experience for what it was, a brief moment in time I was able to bond with nature in a way I had never done before. It was exhilarating!

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