Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

Scroll back and take a peek at my blog post dated September 17, 2010. You will see I think the only cookbook you need in your kitchen arsenal is the red and white checkered Better Homes and Gardens. When I blogged about this old fashioned cookbook (first written in the 1930's) I perused it once again.  What did I find?

The first recipe I ever tried in the cookbook.  Popovers you say?  Weird, huh?  I remember why I tried them. I wanted to make something special for dinner. Biscuits; how bourgeois they sounded-popovers had a certain air of sophistication. You know, same with "We had chocolate pudding for dessert" or "We had chocolate mousse for dessert."   In any case, the new bride found a winner!

They are easy, crispy, warm and tantalizing with a whisk of melting butter, a grand accompaniment your favorite autumn soup or meat entree.  Outstanding!  Even Freddie commented on the wonderful aroma meandering it's way from our kitchen to his office. It drew him out like a bear smelling the bacon!

That was last night's dinner, fabulous homemade turkey noodle soup from a turkey breast we had a few nights ago and these delectable popovers. Just sayin'....

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