Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding "T" minus 11 months

The wedding is now 11 months away.  Time to hire the music for the reception.  Will it be a DJ or a band?  What is the cost comparison?  Should there be music at the cocktail hour and reception? If so, what kind?

-What should the song be played at the bride and groom's first dance?
-What about a Father/Daughter, Mother /Son dance?
-Should there be a list of songs you want/don't want?  Do you really need to hear another "Chicken Dance, YMCA or "Celebrate Good Times" played at the reception?
-Does the DJ really have to turn the sound so loud it drowns out all conversation?
-Do people really dance to a medley that goes on for 30 minutes of the same genre?
-Does the DJ know any other tempos besides the dead "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" of a loud base?
-Does the DJ (band) know he is not the center of attention for the evening?
-A tasteful and subtel approach is the goal.
-The goal is to make all of the guests feel wlecome.

The best advice I have seen is: "Start the dance with classics and progress through the decades keeping people on the dance floor."

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JeanneDolanMarkell said...

I vote for live music...which minimizes the "chicken dance" possibilities....and I vote for classic all the way...but then's not MY wedding! The many summer weddings we've been to all had DJ's, music I might not have chosen, but in each case the guests seemed to be having a blast on the dance floor.