Sunday, August 15, 2010

Uncle Bill Witicisms

Uncle Bill is at it again.  I am not sure where he gets these words of wisdom, but we always get a kick out of reading them.

1. Why grow up?  Acting foolish is so much more fun.
2. Rules only apply to other people. Just be prepared for consequences.
3. Life is tough, get some body armor.
4. Adults are kids with money.
5. Adults with money have no kids.
6. Your lucky color has faded.
7. Hugs can solve the world's ills.
8. In order to be somebody, you must first be yourself.
9. It's not the more your have, it's the more you like what you all ready have.
10. If you're objective, does that mean you object to everything?
11. Think of it, your parents were always right when they answered the question "Just because."
12. Everything I know I learned from "The Flying Nun."
13. What do you use to get dental floss out of your teeth?
14. Never get in a spitting contest with a camel.
15. Hate your job? That's why they call it work.  The support group meets at the bar every Friday at 5.
16. Gonna be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly.

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