Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Camera

For those of you who are new to reading this blog, I started writing it because of my maternal Grandmother. She was a wonder. I wanted to put into print some of the thngs she taught me. Voila!
 In her younger married days, she owned a millinery shop, she made fancy women's hats. Then she started helping my Grandpa in his careers, starting out by repairing horse collars, then repairing Model T canvas car tops, then being a shoe repairman. She could do anything, cooked like crazy, canned, sewed new fashions out of old clothes, rebuilt furniture, made friends out of enemies, and budgeted like nobody I've ever seen, She was always happy. No kidding, I never saw her unhappy in my entire life. What's more, because of her happy attitude, she made you envy her life! I don't think her life was easy, she lived through the depression and she lived through 2 world wars where her loved ones left her. But bless her heart, she made it all wonderful.

Grandma was smart. She was a walking medical text book when it came to someone being sick. She knew homeopathic medicine before they invented the term. She could make a gourmet meal out of one ingredient, look out Iron Chef. She could better Martha Stewart in the entertaining arena. And life lessons, she was a master of common sense. One lesson my Grandma drilled into me was:

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without.

It has served me well.  When I couldn't afford things, I'd say that little ditty under my breath and realize whatever it was that was making me sad that I couldn't afford, I probably didn't need anyway. Saying that has made me work through some things, trying over and over again to fix something to make it work right, rather than giving up on it.
Yesterday I went against that little life lesson and I feel abit guilty. I bought a new camera. Not that it's a big expenditure, but do you know how many cameras I have? The pictures are so much better though (that sounds like a rationalization, doesn't it?)  That darn "I need better technology" works every time.
Old camera

New Camera

My dilemma is, don't we do that all the time? Go for the better technology. It's true with cell phones, computers, TV's, appliances, cars, just think of all the money we would have saved if we didn't feel we had to get the latest and greatest? I think Grandma's getting into my head today!

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Mama said...

Hi Jene,
Donate the old camera to a womans shelter, take the write-off on your taxes.