Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National Banana Split Day

The beauty of a banana split!  And it's heralded with it's own special day, that being today!

Do you remember your first banana split?  I do.  I was about 8 and it was way too much ice cream for me.  Infact, I think I got around to the cherry, nuts and whipped cream and passed it off to somebody else. But the mystique of having a sundae with it's own dedicated dish, the grandeur of the 3 perfectly shaped scoops of ice cream and the yummy toppings, let alone the magic of the split banana, makes me long for one right now!

Here are some hard facts you can WOW the people you are sharing your banana split with.
1. The traditional flavors are:
pineapple topping on vanilla ice cream
strawberry topping on strawberry ice cream
hot fudge topping on chocolate ice cream
all placed perfectly in a row between a length-ways split banana.
Topped with whipped cream, chopped pecans and 3 cherries.
2. It was "born" in 1904 in LaTrobe, PA.
3. There is a banana split fesitval each summer in Wilmington, DE.

Have yourself a glorious day, with good reason to indulge in a banana split!

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