Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even the briefest, than all the alcohol ever distilled."...Edward Verrall Lucas

Am I getting old? No, I think not. There is real satisafaction and a sense of stealthiness when I sneak a 15 minute "power nap". Think about those times when you are able to listen to the raindrops outside your window and take a quick snooze.  Or perhaps,  it's in the heat of a summer day, curled up like a cat in the sunshine, taking a little siesta. It is true indulgence.

Scientists have known for years a nap can refill the water glass, so to speak.  They can make you more alert, creative and productive. A little mid-afternoon nap can improve memory and learning.  (YooHoo, employer, are you listening?)

How do you nap? Do you put on a fan or light music for "white noise" to drown out other noises?  Do you open a window and let a gentle breeze sweep over you? Do you need a pillow and blanket, or do you simply curl up on the sofa?

Today is National Take a Nap Day.  I think we should all celebrate this lovely day, don't you?

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