Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Birdie

I was conflicted, well, not really. Let me just say, the bird population around my house is growing, exponentially. Their songs are cheery, but their droppings...not so much. Gross! Then there are the birds who regularly fly into my windows, maybe 1-2 a day.  They do this right after the windows are washed, of course. Birds flying into windows is sad. There is rarely a good outcome for the bird and as far as the window goes....well, use your imagination. Not pretty.

I went swimming the other day and was skimming leaves off my pool. Then I saw this. Do I try to save this baby bird or let nature take it's course?

The poor baby bird, I am assuming, fell in during a strong wind during the night. I figure he must have flapped his immature wings to get to this rock ledge on our waterfall and wedged himself in there pretty tightly.

I used my cooking tongs as forceps and jockeyed him out of there. Then my nurturing instincts kicked in.  What do you feed a baby bird? I had no bird seed, no worms, so I went for the next best thing...vitamin fortified milk!  What a joke, right? But, in my moment of playing naturist, that was the best I could come up with. So, I got the eye dropper and the birdie downed the milk like a hungry newborn.

I set him down on the patio where he toddled around. Then I put him in the shaded bushes, where I can only hope he can survive. I'm afraid to go back and look.

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Jan said...

How is the birdie doing? Have you seen him in the bushes at all?