Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Foxtrot Freddie loves a nice lawn.  In Maryland we had a park-like backyard, all 3 acres of it. It was filled with sitting areas, a fountain, brick pathways and tons of flowers that bloomed from early spring till late fall. We both miss that yard.
However, we try here in Arizona. We're learning. However, Mother Nature puts a crimp in our efforts. She dries us out and heats us up in the summer, so the grass dies off.  It's a constant struggle.  So when we decided to tear up the sod and redo it, we also got estimates for artificial turf.  Yikes, that is so not me.  But Foxtrot Freddie was persuasive and wanted putting green. I can see that.  Plus there's the energy savings with less water usage, fertilizer, lawncare costs, etc.  So, okay forge on.

It is a strange process to see carpet being installed in your backyard.

The jury is out, will it look natural?  Funny thing, now the artificial turf has brown "dead grass" mixed in with the green grass to make it look more natural.  Guess what?  It does look natural!

The putting green is looking pretty good too.  There is one happy camper  golfer in the house.

No muss, no fuss, instant yard! (The sand works it's way into the turf so it is less noticeable.) This is brand spanking new.

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