Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 8/9/10

You just don't get many days like today.  August 9, 2010, or 8/9/10!  Pretty cool, huh? 

Some would say, UGH!  A Monday.  Come on, time to Rock-N-Roll!  Here are some sure fire ways to get your day jump started.

1. Take a shower with the radio on.  Yes, belting out an oldie but goodie can cure the humbug in all of us.
2. Wear something colorful.  Somedays we feel like wearing black.  Not on a day you feel like crawling back in bed.  Even if you must wear black to work, perk it up with a colorful outrageous accessory.

3. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers. Or an extra large cup o'joe. Or whatever (inexpensive) treat that only you can give yourself.
4. Roll a golf ball or stress ball in between your fingers and hands, even when you talk on the phone.  Either of these things are a good item to keep at your desk for those long, boring phone calls.   Keeping your hands doing something will keep you alert.
5. Exercise.  What does Jerry Seinfeld say?  "Yada, yada, yada."  We all know this right?
6. Keep hydrated.  Nothing zaps your energy more than becoming dehydrated.
7. Eat a small mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

8. Watch your posture. Sit up straight and walk upright. Most people think to have good posture all you need to do is pull your shoulders back.  Wrong! What you need to do is lift your ribcage.  You shoulders will fall into the right place automatically.  Practice this...lift your ribcage.
9. Open all the windows.  If it's too hot, atleast open the shades.  Seeing bright light will help you become more alert.
10.  Stay away from energy suckers; the non-stop talker, the woe-is-me friend, the controller; whatever you say, she/he has a better idea or poo-poos your idea, the poison person; this is the one will jab you in the jugglar behind your back.

Make it a great 8/9/10!  You'll only see it once.

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