Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

Ooooohhhhhhh, how do I start this day?  Just telling you, today's Friendsday Wednesday is very important to me. 

Everyday I call my Mom. Everyday at 9 a.m.  If I call 5 minutes earlier, she's asleep.  If I call her 5 minutes later, she's in the bathtub. I call because she lives alone and I want to besure she's okay. We talk. We talk about the price of food, what we are going to make for dinner, where she is going to ride on her scooter, what the weather's like. She wants updates of her grandchildren, where they are going this weekend and if they are happy. She wants to know about Foxtrot Freddie and if we have gone dancing or to a movie.  If we went out, she wants to know what we had for dinner. We don't solve the world's problems.  We don't have long-winded conversations. We touch each other's hearts for that brief few minutes everyday.

Yesterday I called my Mom at 9, then at 10, then at 1pm, then at 4pm. Then I called her friend at 5 and asked where Mom was. She said not to worry, she was at the Dr. I heard at 9 last night Mom was in the hospital.  It's not too serious, but she was in for observation because she had a series of small strokes. 

Normally I'd be on the first plane.  But today one of my siblings is on their way. It's killing me not to be by her side. But I'll blog about her today. I'll send good wishes and prayers her way and later I'll call, after all of her tests are over.

Today, if you have a Mom or a Mother figure, let Friendsday Wednesday be your excuse to call or go visit. Life is fragile, make every day count.

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Mama said...

Jene, that is awesome that you call your Mom everyday. You are a wonderful daughter and a treasure to those who know you.
Best wishes,