Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clean Your Car

A car is a major investment, for everyone.  It pays to keep them up, both mechanically and aesthetically. Does a clean car help your car last longer?  It may. If you live in the northern climates, salt, sand and other road debris can rust your car. Just getting into a clean car will improve your mood and outlook for the day.

Here is a way to keep your car clean, taking just 10 minutes.  Yes, that means in the time you watch a one hour show on TV, if you get up off the sofa and clean your car during commercial breaks, the job would be completed!

1. Toss all garbage in your car.  Make this job easier by removing trash every time you get out of your car.
2. Using leather upholstery wipes, clean off the dashboard and all other vinyl/leather. For saving money, buy a spray bottle of leather cleaner and use this and a soft rag.
3. Use glass cleaner on the inside of your windows and control panels.  You may want to have an old toothbrush or screwdriver on hand to help get in the tight places.
4. Remove the floor mats and whack them with your hand to remove sand and debris.
5. Vacuum the rest of the floor of your car.
6. Get a bucket of water with a little vinegar in it (one cup vinegar to one gallon of water.) Wash your car and dry it at the same time.  No need to rinse, using vinegar will save some time, as you don't have to rinse the soap residue.

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