Monday, August 23, 2010

Christian Loubotin Shoes

Christian Loubotin shoes are the must have item if you are in the know.  They  are Oprah's favorite brand. The movie stars have them on at all of the red carpet events. They sell between $600-$1500 a pair.  Why are they so chi-chi?

The signature red sole.  Oh, to buy these beauties, you get the lovely box, the red velvet inner bag and your delicious shoes with the signature red sole.

Most of these shoes have 4 inch heels, well, no, most of these shoes have 6 inch heels. That means that by the end of the night you have kicked them off because your feet are killing you.  But you started out the evening in style! This little lady will never own Christian Loubotin shoes. I could not walk in them-atleast not for very long.

However, as I was shopping around on the internet guess what I found?!?!? Red "Christian Loubotin stick on soles for you shoes", for only $8.95 and free shipping!  Now isn't that a fine how-do-you-do? Or I can hear some of you say, "No way!" or "Get out of town!" Yup, 'tis true. Now I can put my fancy-schmancy red Loubotin soles on my Z-Coils and really be in style!  (Kidding here folks.) I wrote that specifically for one reader (and you know who you are!)

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