Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buy Your Bedazzler!

What a joke! Does every woman like bling?  Maybe not so much...but most do.  Hayley Smoothsailing and I were weighing the pros and cons of spending entirely too much money for clothing with a few rhinestones (or in today's politically correct terminology) "crystals" on clothing. 

We decided all we need is regular clothing and a $20 Bedazzler from Joanne Fabrics. So off we went.  I am not sure what Hayley is up to with hers. I decided to try mine out today. I have to admit, one could bedazzle the world..it's so easy. Can't you see it? Sorry, I get carried away!

I'm meeting Grandma Maud and Baby Madison for coffee and decided this 2 week old needed some bling. Do I made her this little get-up.

I feel like Queen of the Crystals!  :)

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