Friday, August 20, 2010

Be Safe!

These days it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, it pays to be alert at all times. Here are some tips to help you be safe. (

1. If you are alone, be sure your travels are in well lit areas. Also, if you are walking to your car after dark, either go in a group or have security go with you.
2. If a stranger stops you to ask a question, stand atleast an arm's length away. Assess your escape route, should the need arise. Do not let a stranger stand between you and a door.
3. If you are trying on clothes in a store dressing room, besure a store clerk knows you are going in. Check under all of the doors, if you sense you are the only one in the area.
4. Never look distracted when you are walking.  That means wait to change music on your ipod or phone.
5. Never walk alone and wear both earbuds to your headset.  You will not be able to hear anyone come up behind you.
6. Avoid dark or vacant stairwells to get up and down between floors.  Use the >l< close elevator button key so there is less of a chance for someone entering the elevator if they see you are alone.
7. If you're feeling threatened at a place of business, tell the staff.  If you can't dial 911 or send a test message.
8.  Never go home with a stranger.  Do not go bar hopping with a stranger.
9. If attacked, yell "FIRE!".  It will draw more of a response than "HELP!".
10. When parking in a strange neighborhood, turn around so your car is automatically headed out the same street you arrived on.
11. Use your purse or keys to disable an attacker. Carry a travel sized hair spray, it can blur and burn your attacker's eyes.
12. To get away, karate chop (fingers together, hit with the butt of your hand) to your attacker's throat.  That will cut the oxygen flow. Kick the groin, or scratch his eyes.
13. If your attacker wants money or your jewelry, give it to them!
14. Make a mental picture of your attacker, clothing, hair, eye color, height, weight, tattoos, and accent.
15. If an encounter does occur, immediately write down what happened when.
15. Pre-program the police non-emergency number into your cell phone.  If something seems suspicious, do not take a chance. Call the police.
16.  Follow your instincts.
17. Use your security system at home.  Do not leave doors or windows open when you're gone, even to "let the fresh air in".
18.  Buy a couple of cans of pepper spray if it is legal in your locale.  Keep one by your bed and one by the door. Do not leave in your car, as it can explode in the heat.

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