Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding T minus 12 months

Son Traveling Teddy and fiance Cayenne Cutie are engaged. The wedding is to take place July, 2011.  I am finding it not only takes 12 months to plan a wedding, it takes a village. Calling upon family and dear friends for their help and expertise, it should be quite a memorable event.

Teddy and Cutie are doing a good job of organizing, arranging for the key vendors, balancing the budget and the like.  They're almost there, only the music is left. Now comes the fun stuff.....and the plethora of decisions. One can make this as easy or as cumbersome as one wants, I am finding.

Trying to keep in mind, although this is a HUGE red letter day to the couple and their families, it is only one day for the rest of your lives.  How do you keep it in perspective?  I imagine it's a daily balancing act. I am having a great time being included on some decisions and giving my opinion to some ideas, but basically, the choices are theirs.  I am just along for the fun!

Today I had some time to peruse some websites for ideas.  Let me tell you, the internet is a dangerous tool when wedding planning.  It is assumed you (the consumer, which boils down to the bride generally) want it all, spare no expense. I feel for these brides, it's almost like if you don't partake of all of the ideas, you're going to be ruining "your special day."  Ahhh, the angst! It's enough to make one elope!  Shhhh, forget I said that!

I'll be giving updates every month on the progress. A special time for our family indeed!

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