Monday, July 26, 2010

UGH! Car Problems

Why is it that my car insists on crapping out when it's over 110 degrees? It is very annoying, although I crap out when it's over 110 also. So, on second thought I guess I can understand it.

There I was toodling happily down the road  when the battery light came on.  I figured it couldn't be a big deal, just had a battery replaced 2 weeks ago, remember? Moments later, the brake lights were flashing on the dashboard. Not a good sign I say to myself.  Within a block the car stopped. 
Oh Shi$! Now what?  I was in the middle lane and there was a funeral procession off on the right lane, so I couldn't pull over. The car stopped dead.  The windows wouldn't open, the flashers wouldn't turn on, nada. And I had no water.

I took my chances. I got out of the car, jumped onto the curb and tried to wave madly at the oncoming traffic so they wouldn't rear end my car. I called AAA and within 25 minutes they were towing my car off to the doctor. Fortunately my car didn't get rear ended and the fabulous tow truck guy didn't get hit while he was loading my car. (Big WHEW there, it was close!)

Now I have to get a new alternator. For a car with 200,300 miles, what do I expect right?


Cupcake said...

ugh. having your car die in traffic is horrible! might e time for a new car? (that's a lot of miles!)

Jene said...

I have to convince my better half first! :)